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13 Women Leaders in Sales to Follow for Daily Inspiration

Updated: Jan 21

In the fast-paced world of sales, women are leading with exceptional skills, unwavering determination, and fresh perspective. At Wednesday Women, we're committed to shining a spotlight on these remarkable female leaders who are changing the game in sales - across multiple industries. 

You should be following these 13 leading women in sales.
Have you added these inspirational leaders to your feed yet?

To help you tap into their wealth of knowledge and expertise, we've compiled a list of 13 outstanding women leaders in sales with LinkedIn profiles that anyone in the sales field should be following and learning from. Sales is an ever-evolving landscape where connections and insights are key, making LinkedIn the perfect platform for these accomplished leaders to share their experiences, tips, and strategies. These featured women are breaking boundaries in the sales industry and are passionate about helping others succeed in this dynamic field by sharing their experiences, perspective, and ideas. 

From conquering quotas to building successful sales teams, these women have a wealth of knowledge to offer. Take a look at the achievements of these 10 remarkable female leaders in sales -  making their mark on LinkedIn and the sales world at large.

Images of 13 inspiring women sales leaders.

Anne Pao - Founder and CEO of Ignite Consulting, delivering actionable strategy for everything from forecasting to prospecting to outreach strategy to pipeline generation tactics, a 2023 Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Sales by Demandbase and Women in Sales

Amy Volas - Founder & CEO of Avenue Talent Partners, helping startups hire the right executive sales leaders "without cringe"

Wesleyne Whittaker - Founder and Chief Transformation Officer at Transformed Sales and host of the Transformed Sales podcast, highlighting the power of behavioral transformation in sales.

Jessie Lizak - Founder of Reveting and host of the popular show Whiskey WinsDay

Hilary Headlee - EVP, Sales + Customer Success at Insight Partners, an expert in connecting the business-critical dots from "those who build the product" to "those who sell the product"

Christine Rogers-  President and COO at Aspireship, specializing in recruiting, hiring, training, and managing high-performing sales teams

Lori Richardson - CEO of Score More Sales and President of Women Sales Pros, a transforming force in the industry with the mantra "more women, more sales" she also wrote "SHE SELLS: Attract, Promote, and Retain Great Women in B2B Sales"

Stephanie Valenti - find her on Demandbase's "10 Women That Inspire Us" and 25 Sales Leaders to Learn From in 2023 lists

Precious L. Williams "Killer Pitch Master" - Founder and CEO of the Perfect Pitch Group + 13x national elevator pitch champion who appeared on Shark Tank, CNN, WSJ, Forbes, and Black Enterprise Magazine

Alexis Rivera Scott - recently cofounded Verbatim, with a proven expertise in teaching sales and marketing professionals how to leverage LinkedIn to build their personal brands

Samantha McKenna - founder of @#samsales Consulting and creator of the "Show Me You Know Me" way of selling

Janice B Gordon - LinkedIn's 15 Innovating Sales Influencers to Follow and co-author of "Heels to Deals: How Women are Dominating Business to Business Sales"

Laura Baker - "Chief Executive Hound" at KnowledgeHound, with 20+ years of experience in global sales and leadership

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