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We're making a splash.

Our mission is to increase visibility of executive women leaders you should know, learn from, and be inspired by. 

Our goal is to grow the number of outstanding women...

 💜 showing up in your LinkedIn feed

 💜 speaking on stages (keynotes, panels, and podcasts)
💜 and sharing their authentic journeys

Proudly supported by:

Our leading partners who support women in executive leadership while growing successful businesses.

Spotlighting Executive Women You Should Know 

Chief Executive Officers, Founders, Marketers, Builders, Board Members, Visionaries. Every week, we feature brilliant leaders from some of the world's most exciting companies.

Who should we feature next? 

Our list of incredible executive women leaders is always growing. Now, you can nominate someone you think should be featured as a Wednesday Woman!

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Be a part of the mission

A wide range of companies and organizations support Wednesday Women because it helps us make a difference - and aligns with their business goals. 

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