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Opening the Door to Authenticity

As young girls, we are raised to know the women that stand out: Betsy Ross, Marie Curie, Frida Kahlo.

And, as Leslie and I did before Wednesday Women, we are constantly looking to the horizon, to see more women setting the pace, making great strides, inspiring others.

Unfortunately, sometimes those figures are shown to us in 2D. We see their achievements, we learn lessons from their work, but we don't see the humans underneath. It's not a phenomenon specific to women, of course. Humans understand concepts like success and excellence when they are pared down to the minimum and shown to us clearly.

Complexity, reality, failures, laughter can all be left behind when we set forward to shine the spotlight on incredible people.

And so, Wednesday Women has - from our inception - strived to maintain the element of authenticity in the women we feature. We want to show the real them, to select leaders who 'build in public' and aren't afraid to be themselves in front of a crowd.

Therefore, one of our favorite social post series is called #RealTalk and it's created to reveal a little-known fact about this well-loved leaders.

Here are some of our favorite (and sometimes shocking!) #RealTalk trivia – can you guess who they are from?

  • I love Latin dances, such as Bachata, Salsa, and Argentine Tango. And now I'm trying Brazilian Zouk. It is an art form I can freely enjoy expressing my passion and love for music.

  • I love building and designing things (furniture, mirrors, etc). I don't think I realized until I was older how artistic I am and it's a really great way for me to decompress from the business world and use the creative side of my brain.

  • I have several physical, mental, and social conditions that would limit my professional success if I worked in an office. In the virtual business world, I've become an international thought leader, Founder and CEO, and upper-management strategist for a public tech company. But in the physical business world, I would struggle to hold down an entry-level job.

  • I fled Syria when the war started and I then used the next year getting my partner to Denmark (the war broke out on my birthday)

  • I have 30+ tattoos, I've never tasted coffee, and I used to perform spoken word poetry.

  • I’m actually shy and have a bit of social anxiety around strangers. People who know me would often describe me as full of life, very social, and having a big personality. All of which are true; once I’m comfortable around you. When walking into situations where I need to interact with strangers, I have a ton of anxiety.

  • During my 1st pregnancy at 19 years old I refused to fall into the stereotype of a teenage Mom- so I worked 3 jobs, and went to school at the same time.

  • I can not only read upside down and backwards, but I can also write upside down and backwards - legibly and quite quickly.

  • Many know I am a gamer but few know that I am currently ranked in the top 200 of North America.

Follow Wednesday Women on LinkedIn for more #RealTalk - each featured woman has a completely unique little-known fact that is "unlocked" after her featured post receives 40+ likes, 10+ comments, or 2+ shares!


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