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Small Pebble, Big Ripples

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

If you've read the story of how Wednesday Women was created, you'll know that Founders Leslie and Melissa have very little time in their day but wanted to make it easier for *anyone* to find and follow extraordinary women leaders.

And so we gave ourselves a challenge: How can we take action in some small, meaningful way? How can we do something easy that creates value for women leaders - without asking more of their time.

The possibilities are endless. But the time is limited. And so we decided to begin simply:

  • Posting just once a week.

  • Starting with women to whom we had a 1st or 2nd degree connection who would be receptive to hearing from us.

  • Using Typeform to capture information from the nominated women in a quick, easy way.

  • Focusing on engagement over depth of content.

And even in a few short weeks, we've seen such momentum.

  • Women thanking us for posting, because they don't have time to "market themselves."

  • People of all kinds reflecting on the women they know - and nominating many for the honor of being featured.

  • Beautiful connections being made between the Founders, nominated women, and featured women - and all of the folks active on the comment threads.

  • Growth to 1,500 followers on LinkedIn over a matter of weeks.

  • Organizations reaching out to be a co-marketing or advertising partner.

  • Volunteers (like Karina Rao, Victor Lin, and others) giving their time to support the effort.

The ripples have already begun. Pretty soon, we plan to start making even bigger waves.

Know an organization or company that aligns with our mission? We're currently looking for sponsors to accelerate our work on social and on an exciting upcoming project. Shoot us an email at


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